Check out these pics!  Hot wet tongues DEEPLY licking other girls' assholes.  (That has GOT to feel good!)

Lesbian BDSM - forced ass licking while restrained - movie samples

Hey there ass licking fans,

Here are some movie samples you might enjoy which aren't from an exclusively ass-licking fetish site like Tushy Lickers, rather from a lesbian BDSM site whose scenes and movies tend to have a fair amount of *forced* lesbian ass licking in them. The site is called Whipped Ass and it's a very high-quality site in the lesbian BDSM genre.

I have a blog just starting up in this highly arousing sexual niche featuring Whipped Ass movies and I will refer you to a post with some excellent lesbian ass-licking action! The blog is called Lesbian Femdom Sex and the blog entry with movies of some of the best lesbian BDSM (and most arousing ass-licking) I have ever seen can be found here. Enjoy!

Posted: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 04:12:36 -0500

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